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Wedding Destination

Wedding destination requires a lot of attention and energy, a lot of desire to travel and discover new horizons and new places.

Every place has its own story, as every spouses has.
Many people choose familiar places, others heart’s place, or a new place but that excites them.
I like to be in all these places to make you happy.
I work mainly in Campania, in the most beautiful places in the world “Amalfi Coast” and “Sorrento Coast”, for who lives there, and for who visits these magical lands for the first time.

I advise to visit “Ravello” where you can have a wonderful walk in the gardens of “Villa Rufolo”, better known as soul’s gardens, or in the gardens of “Villa Cimbrone”, among the thousand colors of beautiful flowers and plants.

Positano and Amalfi with a panoramic terraces and unforgettable perfume of lemons.

And let’s not forget Sorrento, where the sea glistens and the wind pulls strong, on an old terrace in front of the Gulf of Sorrento (Lucio Dalla sang). These are just some of the beautiful places where you can spend the best day of your life. Naturally, I am willing to travel and if necessary I will be able to give you useful advice on the choice of location. Instead of, if you have already chosen… I will wait for you to capture these emotions.