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Wedding video in Italy

The love told through the wedding video

Through the wedding video you will be able to relive in cinematic style all the most exciting and unrepeatable moments of your special day.

The fabulous location of the Amalfi coast, the Sorrento peninsula and the suggestive places of Salerno will be the natural frame of your love film without neglecting the enchanting villages present throughout Italy.

All this allows me to be a wedding destination and to be present wherever you want.

What does a wedding videgrapher do?

The choice of the wedding videographer serves to tell an unforgettable and unique day with a different approach. Not all videomakers have cinematic experience and not everyone is able to give a romantic and creative imprint to the wedding video.
Fortunately I have such an experience that allows me to tell in detail the day of the fateful “yes I will”.

The approach to filming the events will be followed with a discreet and unobtrusive eye. Filming will be done in a natural way, the poses of bride and groom will not be studied but spontaneous because it is precisely the naturalness that makes everything more romantic.

The wedding video does not have to be artificial and this reason pushes me to immerse myself in every single marriage to be able to capture every feeling.


I am specialized in telling you the most beautiful day through photos and aerial shots with a drone.

Aerial shots with drones, consisting of both photo shoots and videos, capturing and transforming them into an unforgettable story of your love like a movie, but more real, because the story we tell is part of your experience together, it’s your most beautiful day, it’s the story of your love…it’s your wedding.

Our aerial drone shots, photo shoots and wedding videos are a concentration of elements ranging from innovation, professionalism, diversity of viewpoints, all summarized in a refined and elegant way.

Each double shot made with a drone then provides a high quality post-production, so that every wedding report can be an immortal story of your love

What makes the shoot unique

Thanks to the use of specific machines and special angles, I will be able to take up every single moment of your wedding without having to go beyond them. With me there will be a team of professional collaborators ready to take back your joys and emotions and it is precisely the professionalism of the service offered that allows you to create the video of your dreams.

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