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Valentino Sorrentino Videomaker Matrimonio 1

Wedding Videographer: YOUR WEDDING LIKE A MOVIE

The ability to capture with estreme discretion every single emotion felt by bride and groom during their most important day, is what makes the difference in my job of wedding videographer. Why have a simple video when you can make a love movie?

I adore shooting the most emotional moments, the ones in which love arises and get it unforgettable.

Photographic reportage on request

If you request it, the wholeevent will be covered by a photographer who’s part of our team. We’ll seamlessly work together so that you get emotional pictures in the same style as your Wedding Film.

The wedding is one of the sweetest path that two souls can do together and the hardest part of this job is to narrate feelings through images. However that not regards me as I gather sensations and precious moments since years to get it eternal Every single video that I realize is unique and one in a million, as everyone lives moments in a different way.

From Salerno to Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Coast, there are many places that can be the movie set of your love story, in fact, Destination Wedding, i.e. the phenomenon of foreign weddings in Italy, is a trend that increasingly rewards Italy year after year. Impressive sunsets, panoramic terraces, historic cities, to name a few: Amalfi Coast, Rome, Milan, Florance, [..]. Anyway Italy is beautiful everywhere and I am available to follow you as Wedding Videographer in Italy. I will be present in all places where there is the possibility of filming a love story.