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About us

A magical glance is a moment that should be captured, so you will be able to see over time.

I’m Valentino a wedding filmmaker .

valentino sorrentino wedding videographer

My love for videos was born when I was 8 years old.

For a present I received my first Philips Explorer camera, from that moment my passion became true. I also had an experience in the television world, but the relationship, that one has with the spouses is different, I would say confidential, direct and friendly. So I decided to dedicate myself only to catch the most beautiful moments that anyone lives during the marriageI choice narrate a love.

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Marriage is an unforgettable emotion.

In my life I have always tried to collect the most precious moments, new adventures, happiness and I have understood that everything must be captured and made unforgettable, because over time some things can vanish.

At the base at my work there is every single emotion that two people, two souls live in that most beautiful day of their lives. Every video I make is different, because everyone lives emotions and love in different ways. And this is how every marriage becomes a documentary film, a story, full of true emotions, simplicity and love … love without limits.

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Why should you choose a wedding videographer?

Why should you choose me for the video for your wedding? Simply, because I will help you to live the best day of your life as the protagonists of a love film. Everyone has our story to tell, with words, gestures, or images, and all this will be enclosed in your personal reportage, using cameras and not video cameras to have a cinematic approach. My goal is to transform every love story into a poem.

Run towards love

Marriage is a race! … the race for love. It is a unique and unforgettable moment, and I will be there to capture the most exciting and lovable moments of you, mixed among the guests, to film your happiness, that you will never notice my presence.

I will tell your authenticity, spontaneity, and I will do it in a non-invasive way, making you comfortable.

Style and elegance is how I want to film your wedding day, making a strong visual and emotional impact.