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Elopement: what it is and where are the best Italian destinations for it

    You have probably already heard of elopement and want to know more about it. In this article I will explain what it is and the best destinations in Italy where to crown your love getaway.


    What is an elopement? It is a love getaway that has its roots in very old traditions. Its etymology recalls “elope” which means “escape” in English. Indeed, there were once many couples whose love was obstructed (for cultural, social, or religious reasons among others) and were thus forced to flee away from their family and their original social framework in order to celebrate their wedding, often in the presence only of the officiant.

    Luckily, today the elopement (also known as elopement wedding) is not a decision due to coercive social pressures anymore, but is a free choice. Indeed, more and more couples choose to organize a romantic getaway and to get married with only the officiant or in the presence of a very small group of family and friends.


    The elopement is thus an intimate wedding: beside the officiant, in order to celebrate the wedding, you only need the rings, but it is better if the background for the day of the “I do” is a dream scenery. Thus, I recommend three Italian destinations to consider!

    • Amalfi coast: Enchanted beaches, viewpoints hanging over the sea, horizons in which to get lost, breathtaking sunsets and mountains touching the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The curves that go from Vietri Sul Mare to Amalfi and Positano (Salerno) are full of places where to celebrate your perfect elopement.
    • Franciacorta: A hilly landscape in the province of Brescia famous for its vineyards and characterized by verdant green and by villas for weddings, churches, and abbeys.
    • Tuscany: The hills in the province of Pisa and Siena, Livorno and its beaches. One only has to choose. Tuscany is a region that is full of wonderful places, like the one chosen by Elena and Daniele.


    Are you and your partner thinking of a romantic getaway for your “I do”? Contact me. Every wedding needs to be set among the most beautiful memories and your elopement video will be the best medium to celebrate its memory forever.

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