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Wedding videomaker on the Amalfi Coast for Ferdinando and Barbara

    Summer is the favorite season of those who get married. The locations chosen are often very suggestive and in recent weeks I have had the fortune, pleasure and honor of working as a wedding videomaker on the Amalfi Coast. Here’s how it went and what happened in a story of a truly special day.

    Wedding videomaker Amalfi Coast: the story of Ferdinando and Barbara

    It was written somewhere that Ferdinando and Barbara, two truly splendid people, should cross paths and walk together.

    Two destinies, two worlds that had to meet, on the common thread of art and music. Different but profoundly similar, both full of empathy and passion for others.

    Ferdinand, creative, poetic, multitasking, passionate and stubborn. Barbara emotional, profound, vital, tidy, with a smile that embraces the whole world.

    She is a professional actress and appreciated teacher, he is a singer-songwriter, music producer and journalist. Both carry on Suono Libero Music, the creation founded in 2013 but which, with the advent of Barbara, has found new, unexpected possibilities.

    Galeotto was a music competition for young people in which both were jurors. From there there was an immediate feeling of family, a timeless crescendo in which all the pains of the past were canceled out to make room for a future together.

    And in designing the future together there was naturally space to plan the I do day. Among the various preparations, a lot of attention was paid to the search for a wedding videographer.

    Ferdinando and Barbara had the opportunity to take a look at my work, and were immediately convinced that I was the right choice. A great satisfaction. After a chat together, which helped me understand the couple’s needs and requirements, the slow but inexorable march towards the wedding date began!


    The profession of wedding videographer in Campania is beautiful. The reason? It allows me to work with exaggeratedly scenic backgrounds that enhance my work.

    Ferdinando and Barbara chose the Hotel Cetus, a structure located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. The description offered by Cetus is fitting. Nestled on a promontory overlooking an enchanting bay, it is located just 300 meters from Cetara, a historic seaside village. The elegant furnishings and refined atmosphere are inspired by the tradition of Vietri ceramics. The unique location and quality service make Hotel Cetus a point of reference for those seeking a holiday of comfort and relaxation.

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    Ecco alcuni scatti tratti da una meravigliosa giornata!

    Are you looking for a wedding videographer in Campania?

    Are you looking for a wedding videographer in Campania? I am ready to listen to your needs and those of your partner. Contact me. I will create videos for you capable of collecting not simple images, but emotions destined to become memories. I’m waiting for you, Valentino Sorrentino.

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