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Videomaker for weddings in Campania: the choice of Antonella and Luciano

    Does location matter for the success of a wedding video? My answer is yes. In one of my latest articles, I described some of the most evocative environments in which to celebrate a wedding in Campania. For lack of space, I did not mention Colle Rajano. Yet, believe me, this location deserves your whole attention.

    If you are looking for a wedding videomaker in Campania, please consider the location of the ceremony well. Recently I had the pleasure to work at the recording of the most beautiful day of Antonella and Luciano, a wonderful couple from Naples.

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    In a time when it seems like Cupid almost exclusively works through social networks, Antonella and Luciano’s story brings us back into a traditional dimension.

    Antonella is a flight attendant based in the Capodichino airport, while Luciano works in the two businesses of his family, a bar and a restaurant in the city center.

    The two met three years ago, in November. Antonella had just been transferred to Naples. One day she got noticed by one of her cousin’s friends, Luciano. The spark, however, was not immediately ignited. On the contrary “At first I saw him only as a friend” she recalls. Then things changed.

    “I observed him for a long time, in friendship, in the everyday life. On December 25th, on Christmas day, we had our first kiss. One year and a half later I received the first marriage proposal. Afterall, we are at an age, he is 34 while I am 32, in which it does not take long to figure out certain things”.


    Antonella and Luciano started looking for a location in which to celebrate their wedding, but they were immediately stunned by Colle Rajano, an estate in the hills of Ruviano, in the province of Caserta.

    “I wanted a setting that reminded us of the Tuscan hills. Colle Rajano was the first location we visited. Then there were others, but at that point we no longer had any doubt…”


    Antonella and Luciano definitely had the right intuition. The estate is set deep within nature, a fairytale setting that suits well their love story.

    Attention to detail was the fil rouge that connected the entire wedding. Not by chance, as centerpieces the couple, Antonella in particular, wanted model airplanes to represent the job and passion of the bride.

    There was also time for a lot of partying, with Antonella and Luciano who danced to the DJ-set together with the guests.


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    The wedding thus celebrated saw my participation as a videomaker. A wonderful day, also because the footage had an amazing backdrop: a wonderful and unforgettable natural scenery.

    Antonella and Luciano liked my style: “When we were looking for a wedding videographer we were impressed by the spontaneity that you are able to bring out in your videos”. These were the couple’s word that filled me with pride.

    It has always been my objective, indeed, to tell a story that is made up of authentic images, not constructed ones. My satisfaction was seeing how the couple was happy with the job I did.

    Are you looking for a videomaker for a wedding? Come meet me! Among my services are “Wedding destinations”, “Elopement”, “Marriage proposal”. I will be happy to film your memories with the person you love.