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Photos and video for a wedding in Tuscany, Marco and Giulia’s extraordinary event

    In my latest article, I wrote about the wonderful experience that one can have in a wedding in Tuscany. Locations surrounded by beautiful nature that can frame unforgettable moments in your memory.

    Making photos and videos for a wedding in Tuscany indeed has a unique flavor: just a few days ago I had the pleasure to record Marco and Giulia’s most beautiful day. These are two amazing young people who swore eternal love to each other in an evocative setting: The San Niccolò convent in Prato.


    The wedding took place in a wonderful location, one of the many historical treasures of the region. The San Niccolò convent was built in the first half of the 1300s.

    It has been restored and enlarged multiple times but still retains some medieval aspects, like the church gate on the right side.


    videomaker matrimonio toscana

    The greater altar (1647) is made of colored marbles and is home to works of art like the Assunta, made in 1697 by Alessandro Gherardini and a wonderful renaissance-era tabernacle made in 1478 by Francesco Ferrucci.

    Just visiting a place so full of history and art is in itself a fascinating experience, so think about actually getting married in it. An emotion after another for Giulia and Marco.


    Giulia and Marco are a young couple. For the evening reception they wanted a lot of their friends at their side who made the ceremony a fun event (though moving at times). After dinner, everybody danced to the rhythm of dance music, unleashing even more the happiness for a much-anticipated event.


    fotografo per matrimoni in toscana

    fotografo e videografo matrimonio toscana


    A wedding in the name of tradition, in a setting full of history, that I could film also thanks to footage taken with the drone. Having the possibility to combine history and innovation: this is also what recording a wedding in Tuscany means.

    fotografo matrimonio toscana

    The wedding footage for Giulia and Marco was taken in 4K. a resolution that will allow photos and videos not to age with the passing of time. Pictures that will be seen again and again by the couple, their families, and their friends. Eternal, just like their love.

    Are you looking for a videomaker for your wedding in Tuscany? Contact me! I will be happy to give you all the information you need.