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Filmmaker for wedding of Sara and Nicola, an emotional day

    Working as a filmmaker for weddings gives me the opportunity to meet awesome couples through my work. One of these is without a doubt that of Sara and Nicola, two young people who I had the honor and pleasure to follow on their most beautiful day, recently celebrated in the Savoy Beach Hotel in Paestum (Salerno).


    Sara and Nicola’s love story began like many others. By pure chance. On a hot summer afternoon four years ago, Nicola went to a friend’s house for a coffee. That friend was Sara’s sister. That is how the two met.

    My sister introduced us. As the days went by, we understood that our acquaintance had become something more: love”, Sara recalls.

    Right away we were complicit in everything, but after a few months, having passed a selection, I went to the United Kingdom to do a European volunteering experience. Distance was not our friend, but nevertheless love won. We became even stronger and more aware of the fact that together, everything is possible”.

    Sara and Nicola thus started preparations and went looking for a filmmaker for their wedding. I was happy to be their choice.


    A videographer for weddings is excited by locations such as the Savoy Beach Hotel. A location where “every day the sun sets on the sea and paints a play of lights and colors in our pine grove and among the majestic columns of the Greek temples”, an ideal backdrop for an extremely elegant and classy wedding such as the one of Sara and Nicola.

    To celebrate the most beautiful day in the winter, a few meters from the sea, has an unmatched charm. The colors, the waves, the grove of Paestum were the perfect frame for videos and pictures, some of which I have the pleasure to present.

    video per matrimoni

    video e foto matrimoni

    video matrimonio

    film matrimonio


    Making a film for a wedding in Salerno, and more generally in Campania, was a fantastic experience thanks to the variety of emotional and evocative locations (On that point, I suggest you take a look at the 5 most suggestive locations for weddings in Campania).

    The Savoy Beach Hotel perfectly met our requirements of style, elegance, and vivacity: the filmmaker for a wedding cannot but be happy to work in such a setting.

    For Sara and Nicola, I worked following my method, that is to instill in the wedding video in Italy as much spontaneity as possible. In the expressions, the movements, the gestures.

    Nothing is pre-built, as I believe that the couple can perfectly bring out their emotions alone; thus, in their most beautiful day there is no need to give precise orders. You just need to let the best director, that is love, take care of everything.


    The wedding video was recorded with two teams of videographers and the use of a drone. This gave me the opportunity to catch the best scenes from different points of view, so as not to disperse the emotional capital that such a beautiful day gives.

    So, as I was filming the preparations at the bride’s house, another team focused on Nicola. Likewise, in the church, during the exchange of the rings, one camera focused on the couple and their hands, another the friends and families’ expression. All was integrated with the flight of the drone, which from up above caught some beautiful moments, such as the arrival of the bride, while simultaneously another camera caught the nervous wait of the groom.

    A wedding film, in my personal opinion, is first of all a tale, not just a simple collection of footage.

    The joy of the couple after seeing the film let me know of the success of my endeavor. The video of the wedding day of Sara and Nicola was delivered, as with all my works, in 4K to guarantee the best quality.

    Are you looking for a filmmaker for a wedding? Contact me! I will be happy to meet you and explain my work method and everything that I can do for you on the day of the “I do”.

    I am waiting for you, Valentino