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Videographer for Weddings in Tuscany: the Best Locations

    Are you getting married in Tuscany and looking for a wedding videographer? Good idea! This region does indeed offer some amazing locations. Wonderful gifts of nature that can give unique backdrops for the photos and videos of your most beautiful day.


    Its hills, its stunning nature, its villages, its landscape, its climate. These are only a few of the many reasons that make it worth it to get married in Tuscany. For the location one has  several choices. My advice is to choose firstly based on the time of the year of the wedding, so as to rule out the unsuitable locations for the month in which you will get married.

    As already suggested in my article on weddings in Campania, the type of ceremony must be taken into account: civil or religious?

    • In the case of a civil wedding: choose a location that is suitable for the ritual and the reception.
    • In the case of a religious wedding: choose a location not too far from the church.

    Another issue is the atmosphere: for instance, would you prefer a modern and lavish setting or a more traditional and simpler one? And again, would you prefer a seaside location or one in the middle of the countryside? All of this will also influence the photos and videos.

    Now let’s consider five interesting locations.


    Let’s start with Villa del Lupo. It is a Villa in Arena, in the province of Pisa. It was built in the 1700s on a project by Alessandro Gherardesca and it is one of the most suggestive locations in the region. The guest is immediately welcomed by an atmosphere made up of ancient trees and valleys.

    There is a park set up to give the guests a meaningful walking scenery where to enjoy the lemon houses and several outdoors green islands, ideal for a welcome toast. The location was chosen in 1964 for one of the scenes of the movie “The Yellow Rolls-Royce” with Ingrid Bergman and Alain Delon. The capacity of the internal hall is of 160 seats.


    Your Tuscan wedding video can have the wonderful Villa Margherita as a background. It is located in Quarcianella in the province of Livorno, just a ten-minute-walk from the beach of the Bagni Lido of Rogiolo. The internal hall has 200 seats.


    With the Agriturismo Colleoli we are back in the countryside, specifically in Plaia, in the province of Pisa. “Tuscan heart” is its slogan. Indeed it is located just a few kilometers away from most famous landmarks: Florence, Volterra, Pisa, San Miniato and San Gimignano are all a few kilometers away.

    The estate is 2,020,000 square meters wide and in it there is a finely renovated farmstead and a swimming pool. The walks through the woods are suggestive as well. The capacity of its facilities ranges from 60 to 300 guests.


    How many times have you watched a movie in which the couple swears eternal love barefoot on a beach? As many times as you probably wished to do it yourself. Good, but where? You will be pleased to know that Costa dei Barbari, in Versilia, offers this possibility. The location is very suggestive with evocative dunes and unforgettable sunsets.


    Il Poggione is in Montalcino, in the province of Siena. It is the territory form which the delicious Brunello comes from, but also a location immersed in nature. Indeed, here there is a wonderful estate built in the latter part of the 1800s. It is suited for both winter and summer ceremonies, due to its medieval hall and outdoors gazebos. The capacity varies, but it can hold up to 400 guests.


    If you are looking for a videographer for weddings in Tuscany, or for the Florence area, you can contact me anytime and in the ways you prefer. You can find a selection of my works on my website and in my social media. Your most beautiful day deserves to shine eternally through its images.

    I am waiting for you.