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Wedding photographer Florence: Natasha and Michael’s Yes

    I have chosen to dedicate this article to my business as a Florence wedding photographer. In fact, I was happy to have been chosen by Natasha and Michael as photographer and videographer on the occasion of their most beautiful day, celebrated in a unique and fascinating environment. Which? The Borgo Divino in Montespertoli, a splendid village a few kilometers from the Tuscan capital.

    Wedding photographer Florence: who are Natasha and Michael

    Natasha and Michael are two wonderful, simple and intelligent guys who live and work in London. After a long search for a wedding videographer in Florence, they came across my work with wedding videos and photos.

    I can say it was love at first sight. The couple immediately noticed that my purely documentary style (where no emotion is constructed, but captured) fit perfectly with what they had drawn in their minds.

    And there was nothing more beautiful than making their dream come true. This is how I became Natasha and Michael’s wedding videographer in Florence

    The location

    Being hired as a wedding photographer in Florence is stimulating. The city and its hinterland offer wonderful views and, obviously, the Borgo Divino of Montespertoli was no exception, the location where first the ceremony and then the reception were held. An elegant, refined environment, but which does not give up informality.

    Borgo Divino, in addition to the delicious cuisine from which unforgettable dishes emerge on the palate, has the further advantage of fascinating guests with the breathtaking view directly over the Chianti.


    servizio fotografico matrimonio a firenze

    This location gives you views as far as the eye can see over the valleys of Montespertoli and the green Florentine hills of Chianti, where, as the official website explains, “the divine and the earth blend in a poetic atmosphere with an ancient flavour. A magical place that blends the organic winemaking experience of Tenuta Maiano with the art of tourist hospitality and catering”.

    servizio video marimonio firenze

    A place where you can relax by the pool, as well as be lulled by the breeze on the panoramic terrace. In short, it could only become the perfect location for the wedding of such a romantic and in love couple!

    The wedding day

    And we have reached the most beautiful day. Many enthusiastic guests, relatives and friends welcomed Natasha and Michael’s wedding in Florence.

    As for me, it was wonderful to be there to film the most beautiful and intense scenes. The location, as just mentioned, enhanced the quality of my equipment: cameras, but also the drone with which I made the 4K videos.

    video matrimonio Firenze


    There were moments of emotion, but also of extreme fun, with the newlyweds and their friends treating themselves to a fantastic DJ set at the end of the ceremony. But it didn’t end there, because, the next morning, the newlyweds relaxed in the splendid Borgo Divino swimming pool.

    matrimonio Firenze


    Fantastic days, the highlights of which were captured and placed in what I like to call a treasure chest of memories and emotions (in fact for me it is reductive to call it a wedding photo shoot or a wedding video). All the material was delivered to the spouses and there was no greater satisfaction than reading their amazed and enthusiastic comments.





      videografo matrimonio a Firenze



    foto matrimonio firenze


    Wedding photo and video service in Florence? Contact me!

    Are you looking for a photo shoot and a wedding video for your wedding in Florence? Contact me! I will be happy to talk to you about my work and listen to your needs.

    As you can see from the article and the photos I included, I make use of the best techniques and the best equipment: the aim is to deliver indelible moments to each couple and to their memory (and also to those who come after).

    Contact me for wedding videos and photos in Florence